Brand-new playground facilities give students the best possible start to life at KCS

This week saw the unveiling of the recently-completed Early Learning Centre playground at Kalamunda Christian School (KCS).

The Mayor of the City of Kalamunda was on hand with Principal Mr Craig Hunter to cut a wonderful green ribbon to open the playground and have the first swing on the monkey bars!

School playground facilities require significant funding today, with numerous health and safety protocols needing to be adhered to before children are allowed to use them. The project required architects to create schematic designs, landscaping contractors for the earthworks and playground equipment specialist company ‘Lypa’ to supply the equipment.

The project also required an initial thought, a dream and a sense of wonder…

Enter SCEA’s Chief Education Officer, Dr Gregg Weaver!

Dr Weaver was the Principal of KCS last year and envisioned this wonderful play space for the youngest students in the KCS campus on Halleendale Road, Walliston. This week that dream was realised by Mr Hunter and his team at KCS.

“It is a thrill to witness the culmination of the team’s vision and parents’ desire for a contemporary facility that enables and promotes curious play and inquiry-based learning. The quality design and build lift the whole school environment,” said Dr Weaver this week.

The project was overseen by KCS Business Manager Mr Ian Ludlow and Assistant Business Manager Mr David Wolfenden, who worked closely at each stage with the contractors. Mrs Simone Herden (Pre-Primary Teacher / EY Co-ordinator) and Mrs Tenae Brockhoff (Kindergarten Teacher) also contributed to the discussions around ideal play-based areas for students. Mr Craig Hunter was very grateful for the support of his team, and welcomed the Mayor of the City of Kalamunda Mrs Margaret Thomas at the ribbon-cutting ceremony:

“Schools should be places where students can have fun and be curious. This new space allows our students to do this. I am thankful for this wonderful team who have come together to make this project happen,” said Mr Hunter.

Mrs Margaret Thomas was very enthusiastic about the work that was begun under Dr Weaver and has now been continued under Mr Hunter:

“The school is looking great! I’m hearing great things in the community about KCS. I can’t wait to see how the school progresses in this next phase of development!” said Mrs Thomas.

Adults from left: Mr Craig Hunter (Principal – Kalamunda Christian School), Mr Ian Ludlow (Business Manager – Kalamunda Christian School), Mrs Margaret Thomas (Mayor – City of Kalamunda), Dr Gregg Weaver (Chief Education Officer – SCEA), Mrs Simone Herden (Pre-Primary Teacher / EY Co-ordinator), Mrs Tenae Brockhoff (Kindergarten Teacher) and Mrs Tabatha Grubb (Deputy Principal / Learning Support Co-ordinator).

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