SCC’s Production of ‘Little Women’ is a BIG hit!

The Fenceline Theatre Company’s (Swan Christian College) production of Louisa May Alcott’s classic narrative Little Women sold out its four shows at the Maalia Mia Theatre recently. Theatre-goers and Fenceline Director Ms Jane Hille hailed the student actors as highly professional.

The show was accompanied by a dinner option from SCC’s famous ‘Chef Rob’ who worked to prepare pre-ordered meals with the Swan Christian College Hospitality Program.

“Very impressive work by hardworking students! The number of lines they remembered and the way they delivered it were so enjoyable to watch,” said one mother, who had brought her daughter along to learn more about Swan Christian College (SCC).

The Fenceline Theatre Company has now worked hard to establish its reputation as one of the finest performance groups in the secondary school space in Western Australia, winning multiple awards and tackling high-level productions and narratives with current students, ex-students and famous local actors.

The amazing performances led to sell-out performances, with more productions lined up for the rest of 2024.

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