Answering the call – NCGS’s Mr Steve Pivetta

One of SCEA’s shining stars will finish up at Northshore Christian Grammar School (NCGS) at the end of this year, trading in his homeroom duties for homily deliverance. Mr Steve Pivetta has been an amazing servant of God in the classrooms across SCEA schools for many years and now feels called to serve in a full-time church setting.

Who was your favourite teacher growing up?

Maybe it was the funny chap with the one-liners, or the lady who was so exuberant about life that you just had to smile and feel uplifted. It may be that when you look back today at your schooling years, the best teachers were actually those with a rock-solid faith, unflinching beliefs about life and a calmness about the things in this world that matter most. A constant, unchanging presence at a time of life where insecurity and identity are at their greatest.

NCGS’s Steve Pivetta is one of these teachers. ‘Mr Consistent’, as he is known around the staffrooms.

Starting his professional life as a Fraud investigator in Canberra for a number of years and then studying at Moore College in Sydney for his theological degree, Steve has always been focused on serving God wholeheartedly. He previously served as a pastor and a representative of the Church Missionary Society (CMS) for many years before Mr Murray Thomas convinced Steve of the need to teach young people in a Christian environment at Beechboro Christian School (BCS) in 2013.

Mr Stuart Chisholm spotted Steve teaching while visiting BCS in the days prior to the opening at NCGS and was so impressed that he enlisted him as a founding teacher of NCGS, which opened in early 2017.

“I was in awe from the start,” said Mr Chisholm this week.

“Every school needs a Steve Pivetta – he has been a rock for us since we opened our doors with 50 students seven years ago. Now we have hit 700 students and he is still out there every day delivering quality lessons, helping young people in every part of their life. He is such a positive influence on our staff, our students and also for me – he has given me such wise counsel at each stage of our journey here. I will him God’s blessing in this next chapter of life.”

Steve will be taking on a full-time ministry role as the minister of Rockingham Anglican Church in the new year, a small evangelical Anglican church just south of the Perth metropolitan region. Steve will be moving down south with his family to be a part of the Rockingham community.

Ever the humble servant, Steve only had a few words after the announcement was sent to staff this week, saying “I am thankful to God to have had the opportunity to have worked with SCEA. I have been blessed with great colleagues and students over the years at both Beechboro and Northshore. May the name of Jesus continue to shine and be made known in these places.”

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