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Association Policies and Documentation

We are governed by a range of policies and procedures to guide and protect the Association and our stakeholders. The purpose of our policies is to define the principles, values and rules of behaviour that guide our Association and our team members, how we manage our responsibilities to our key stakeholders and how we respect the rights of all parties influenced by our operations.

The Association also produces a Workplace Gender Equality Public Report that can also be downloaded by clicking the button.

Swan Christian Education Association Incorporated (SCEA) recognises and acknowledges that the protection of individuals’ privacy is important and required under the relevant legislation.

The Privacy Policy explains how SCEA manages information it collects; in particular, how:

  • SCEA collects information, throughout its usual course of business.
  • SCEA protects the privacy of personal information and health information which SCEA collects and uses.
  • SCEA uses such information and to whom such information may be disclosed.
  • SCEA reports data breaches.
  • Individuals can access their personal information, correct any personal information which SCEA holds, lodge complaints in relation to alleged breaches of privacy or make any related enquiry.
  • Click below to read the Privacy Policy
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