World Administrative Professional Day

Today (Friday, May 3, 2024) is World Administrative Professionals Day, which offers Principals and school leaders the opportunity to acknowledge the incredible amount of work that is done each day by their wonderful teams in the educational environment in which we work.

Today, we go ‘around the grounds’ to hear from our leaders in SCEA about their administrative professionals.


“Our administration team shines through their dedicated service to our school community, driven by a deep commitment to our shared values, a love for our community, and ultimately to glorify God.

Working diligently behind the scenes, they ensure the smooth operation of our school.

Their quiet dedication and their spirit of excellence are truly the heartbeat of our school.”

Mr Michael Bolan, Principal – Beechboro Christian School


At SCC, we are so grateful to our PA administration team.

Nat, Laura, and Deb are personable, kind, very efficient, and care greatly, and it is a blessing to work alongside them in all the complexities of school life.

Each one brings amazing skill to the team.

Nat, we love the way you are always willing to organise and be part of our College worship sessions.

Debs, your care and guidance of our Parent in Partnership committee is outstanding, and Laura, your gentle yet firm communications in HR and filling in for relief are greatly appreciated.

Thank you, ladies, for what you do. We praise God for you!”

Dr Darnelle Pretorius, Principal – Swan Christian College


“We actually celebrated our Administrators last week, with a box of chocolates and a card from the Executive.

I want to thank them all of them for their grace and kindness and the way that they go above and beyond in their roles for ECC.

They are bearers of the love of God in all they do and say!

Un grand merci à tous!”

Mrs Gigi Thiele – Principal, Ellenbrook Christian College


“Our team continues to grow and develop each day.

Our student numbers have increased, more parents are a part of our community, and the front office team continues to stretch to accommodate each new situation.

Mrs Renea Tonkin holds our school together, wearing multiple hats and dealing gracefully with us – even when times get difficult!

Lisa, Claire, and Tessa are an amazing team, and this is evident in our social media presence, excursions, and communications.

Heather and Wendy are the front line for us in dealing with every situation that comes to us, and Makayla has just joined us and has made a great start already.

Our College is built on the Christian principle of ‘going the extra mile’, and these ladies epitomise this principle daily.

I am very grateful for their presence and contribution here at Southern Hills.”

Mr Paul Beacham, Principal – Southern Hills Christian College


“Our administration professionals are integral to the success of Northshore’s development and its flourishing community.

They are often at the front line of policy into practice and navigating the personal nuances and tensions with love.
Personally I could not do my work without Fiona or Bernadette before her here at Northshore.

Great PA’s know the flow of the team they serve and respond intuitively from that cultural knowledge.”

Mr Stuart Chisholm – Principal, Northshore Christian Grammar School


“Our admin team at KCS are awesome.

Practical jokers, footy tippers, medication dispensers, relationship advisors and communication maestros.

Well done, and keep on doing good for God.”

Mr Craig Hunter, Principal – Kalamunda Christian School


The contribution our wonderful Administration Team makes to our Mission is appreciated and valued.

We could not operate the school without these amazing front-line staff!

Our team serves faithfully in challenging and demanding roles, remaining flexible and often wearing several hats to support each other.

Today, we join with one voice to celebrate our Administration Team and express our gratitude for their commitment to our community and service to all that God has called us to.

Thank you so much!

May your day be filled with encouragement, appreciation and His peace and joy.

Mr Doug Holtam – Principal, Mundaring Christian College


“I am very blessed to have a wonderful team of professionals at the Head Office.

We are in the business of people, and I am thankful every day for the team at SCEA.

Having capable, trustworthy professionals around you makes such a difference in our work.”

Dr Graeme Cross, Chief Executive Officer – SCEA

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