EnrolHQ rollout continues across SCEA schools

The admissions software that is now being utilised across SCEA schools is assisting our teams in enrolment procedures, with all schools expected to be online in the next month.

After signing on the dotted line with EnrolHQ in September 2022, Ms Lize Janse van Rensburg (SCEA’s Application and Technology Officer) has worked tirelessly with SCEA schools to streamline their enrolment process and create timelines for software integration.

The culmination of this project, known as ‘going live’, at each school site is now upon us, with enrolment officers across SCEA schools silently cheering when the new software takes effect in their communities.

The graphic below shows the progress of this project in each school, with all schools scheduled to be online with EnrolHQ by mid-December 2023.

The new system is designed to optimise the enrolment process, with improved features that will reduce any double-handling or time-consuming processes that may have hindered administrative staff in the past.

In November 2022 we reported on some of the new features and displayed some screenshots of the new interface for our staff, with Ms van Rensburg working hard to ensure that all the previous hurdles in the enrolment process are now being removed.

“There is no substitute for meeting people face-to-face,” says Ms van Rensburg “but to be efficient and equip prospective families with as much information as possible before their school visit is paramount for us in this new experiential change.”

Once the system is utilised across all SCEA schools, the expectation is that schools will be able to share experiences and work collegially across SCEA to ensure that the enrolment process is as streamlined as possible for prospective parents.

The ability to offer a Christian education to our families begins with the first glimpse at our websites or social media feed, the first car park conversation with a SCEA parent or the first conversation with our SCEA staff member. The hope is for the EnrolHQ software system to enable our staff to make this experience as positive as possible for families interested in a SCEA experience for their family. 

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