Celebrating Our Departing Board Members: Mr Don Warner

Mr Warner was initially co-opted onto the SCEA Board in December 2017 and served for more than five years as a Board member, often travelling the furthest distance from his home in Byford to each Board meeting.

He also holds the distinction of ‘dressing down’ on almost every occasion, opting more for ‘forklift attire’ rather than the necktie and sports coat that most male Board members defer to for Board meetings.

Don’s defence to these allegations of ‘forklift attire’ is that he actually does drive a forklift as part of his job!

Or one of his jobs…

As well as a manager of a retail and fresh produce store, Don also plays a vital role in Christians Against Poverty (capaust.org) as well as a pastor at the Byford Baptist Church.

This week, we asked Don to reflect on his time on the SCEA Board.

1.What did you enjoy most about being a SCEA Board Director?

The things that I have enjoyed most about this role are (1) working with people who understand that being a Christian is a whole-of-life experience, not just a Sunday morning thing, and (2) seeing that concept being lived-out in our schools. So many of our staff are living witnesses for Jesus!

2. What have you learnt during your time as a SCEA Director?

“What have I learned? I’ve learnt that it is essential as a Christian to stand up for what is right – to be ‘meek’ does not mean that you are walked over. So we know that we can be robust in our conversation, but in a God-honouring way as we seek to establish not what gives us personal victory but what brings glory to God.”

Don is a past parent of Southern Hills Christian College and has seen the College grow from sub-200 enrolments to nearly 500 students today.  

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