Enterprise Agreement negotiations to begin soon

Hello SCEA staff members,

I wish to advise that the current SCEA Support Staff Enterprise Agreement expires at the end of this year (31 December 2024). The Teachers Agreement also expires at this time.

The negotiations on both of these new agreements will commence in the next two weeks.

Within our SCEA schools and the SCEA Head Office there are two distinct Agreements (Teaching and Support Staff) and these are negotiated by different SCEA staff from across our school communities.

Mr Matthew King (Staff Committee Chair and Head of Swan Trade Training Centre) plays an integral role in these negotiations and is present for the meetings across both Agreements.

Individuals can nominate anyone they choose to represent them in these negotiations – you may even represent yourself.

The Independent Education Union of Western Australia (IEUWA) will be invited to attend these meetings – as they have done in prior negotiations of this nature. If you are a Union member, the Union will automatically represent you unless you nominate someone else.

An email was sent this week to all staff on the Enterprise Agreement informing them of this, and there is a form attached to this email that can be completed and sent to the Human Resources Department of SCEA (hr@scea.wa.edu.au) if you wish to nominate someone to represent you during these negotiations.

Please note that if you do not nominate a representative, SCEA will negotiate in good faith with the other nominated representatives, the representatives of the SCEA Staff Committee and the Union.

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