SCEA Snap of the week: SCC student reaches the final of the Lester Prize for Australian Art

Swan Christian College (SCC) art teachers Ms Nicole Tonkin and Ms Cherie Mongony celebrate this week with Yr 11 student Amelia after she received the news that her portrait of her grandfather had reached the finals for the youth category of the Lester Prize, one of Australia’s most prestigious awards for artwork. Amelia credited her teachers for her success and her grandfather for his inspiration:

“Mrs Mongony and Mrs Tonkin are absolutely amazing people, artists, and teachers. They have both shaped me through this journey, helping me every step of the way, and I am extremely grateful for everything they do. They were both very supportive of me, which has helped me to create this piece,” said Amelia.

“I decided to draw my grandfather because he is a large inspiration in my life, and he has taught me so much that I wanted to give back to him. This artwork is a tribute to him and how much he has shaped my life.”

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