SCEA Celebration Speaker Spotlight – Mr Jordan Thyer

This week, we profile the third of our keynote speakers, Mr Jordan Thyer, who is a former SCEA student and the current Senior Pastor of Providence Church Midland.

Jordan attended Mundaring Christian College from Year 1-10 and then went on to Swan Christian College for Year 11 and 12 before training and working as a chemical engineer.

A move to the United Kingdom to study apologetics at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA) offered Jordan the opportunity to work with Dr John Lennox and other British luminaries in Christian-based academic studies.

He returned to Perth to complete a Master of Divinity at Trinity Theological College and then served as a youth pastor at Mundaring Church of Christ.

He is married to Rachel (a longtime Swan Christian College staff member), has two daughters, and is responsible for preaching, equipping congregants for ministry, leading the staff team, and the overall direction of the church.

He is also a very fit chap who runs marathons and triathlons just for the fun of it! 

PS. As mentioned in our last edition of SCEA News, the 25 July 2022 SCEA Celebration Day is approaching, and the 60-minute afternoon sessions (known as the ‘Equipping for Mission’ sessions) are now available for staff who are keen to sign up and reserve their place.

So far, all SCEA schools have staff members who have ‘signed up’ for their sessions, with Southern Hills Christian College having the keenest staff and Ellenbrook Christian College coming in second!

Please encourage your staff colleagues to read up on these sessions and elect their preference prior to the day in order for presenters to prepare their sessions and for appropriate room allocations to be made. New sessions have been added to meet the demands of our different staff groups.

Staff can select their options here:

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