Scarf of the Week – Franci Liebenberg

“Show Me The Monet!”

Students who choose to study Art at Mundaring Christian’s Parkerville campus have many things to be thankful for: panoramic windows revealing rolling hills as a ready-made canvas for all of their portraits, purpose-built facilities reflecting the latest design techniques and most of all, a teacher in Franci Liebenberg who exudes class, charisma and an energy that is sure to bring the Da Vinci, Van Gogh and Renoir out in even the most disinterested teenager!

Hailing from Standerton near Johannesburg in South Africa, Franci has been on staff at Mundaring for five years, and she loves creating art as a way of appreciating God’s creation:

“There are patterns in nature, in life, that reflect God’s blueprint. My goal is for students to unlock what they see with their eyes and make it come to life on the page.”

Art classes at school can conjure memories of oversized art smocks (dad’s old business shirts) and finger painting resembling something vaguely humanoid.

Not so at Parkerville!

A quick look into Mrs Liebenberg’s class reveals students learning artistic concepts such as the ‘golden section’, the ‘rule of thirds’ and other artistic methods that need to be Googled to be understood at all.

The students are the richer for Mrs Liebenberg’s academic approach to art, and her positive, professional nature shapes a wonderful environment for her students to thrive in. Franci still pauses each day to remember where she is, where she has come from and what are the important things in life:

“It is a blessed environment that we work in here at Mundaring. Yesterday I was leaving school at dusk and there I was with a kangaroo in front of me! Just amazing to stop and think what we are able to witness here everyday.”

Keep an eye out for Franci’s apprentices around the Parkerville campus, in local competitions at the Shire of Mundaring or in Western Australian exhibitions near you.

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