Interview with Anne Porter

“I wanted a workplace that supported my Christian values. I found it at SCEA!”

Ann Porter has been a household name at SCEA for more than ten years, and her husband first worked for SCEA as early as 1998. Today she is currently the smiling face on SCEA’s Reception Desk on relief, but previously she has administrated, taught and been a source of encouragement to staff across SCEA with her optimism and uplifting smile.

With six children educated between home schooling and Mundaring Christian College, Ann is also a long term SCEA parent who loved being involved in the school. It was important for Ann that her children had positive Christian influence in their schooling, so, Mundaring Christian College was the perfect fit for them.

Having attended Mundaring Community Church for 17 years now (a church started by our own Rod McNeill), Ann and her family are well and truly Mundaring locals!

As of 2019, all six of Ann’s children are married and Ann now has five grandchildren and another on the way!

Outside of being a mother and now grandmother, Ann also studies a Bachelor of Intercultural Studies at Tabor College Perth, described by Ann as mix of theology and culture.

Ann kindly wore a pair of spiffing “hot dog” socks for our photo this week!

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