Socks from around the world!

With the Sock of The Week becoming more and more popular as we visit the different SCEA schools, it was time for Chief Human Resource Officer Sid Rajanayagam to up the stakes and show how socks can be a blessing to his colleagues – for an entire week!

As part of the rising trend to have colourful and zany socks, Sid bought a 5-pack of socks from around the world. He wore each pair of socks over a week in the SCEA Head Office and awarded a prize each day to the first person to guess the country being celebrated on his socks.

“It was partly to have some fun with colleagues, partly to bless them with something to look forward to each day for the week and part of the CEO’s push to have all of us encouraging one another in the run up to Christmas.”

There are five different themes on the socks this week. See if you can guess them all!

Look out for Sid next time you are in SCEA Head Office or if you see him out at the schools in the near future!

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