Sock of the Week: Gray Blattman

Gray Blattman from Swan Trade Training Centre

“We do build stuff here – but the most important thing about teaching in this unique environment is the kingdom building that we get to do each day with these young people!”

The fried eggs on the socks of Gray Blattman suit the construction environment of Swan’s VET facility well – the Swan Trade Training Centre.  Its hot and it has a certain aroma to it.

You may recognise the pungent whiff of teenage adolescents striving to achieve pre-apprenticeship qualifications in the world of electrics, steel fabrication and woodwork. Some uncouth people might even say it stinks.

But the joy in Gray’s voice is palpable.

“This is the only place I have ever taught and I love every minute of it! Where else can you have such an open forum into the lives of young people, and share experiences like this together?”

At the age of 17, after travelling across America on a motorcycle, Gray Blattman gave his life to the Lord. What followed was a dozen years as a pastor, training in theology and a healthy ministry complemented by a wonderful family life.

In 2007, Swan approached Gray to take on a role in the Trade Centre. Further study, some health battles and more than ten years later, he still enjoys getting up each morning knowing that the boys that he is teaching a trade to have their working lives ahead of them and he seeks to empower them with an education for life.

“I’ve been blessed in so many ways. If I am allowed to speak into these guy’s lives in any way, I will.  I feel incredibly privileged that God has allowed me to be in this position at this stage of my life.” Keep an eye for Gray’s fried egg socks if you are around the Trade Centre anytime soon

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