Sock of the Week: David Elsing

“Socks are the newest form of expression for men!” 

My dashing young millennial colleague assures me as I head into Mundaring Christian’s Parkerville campus to catch up with David Elsing, the Head of Secondary and possibly the most fashionable fellow in the Hills.

With his trademark beard that any bushranger from Australia’s colonial past would be proud of, Mr Elsing is no stranger to bold choices.  Pocket squares and high-street sports coats are a must, and on this particular day he does not shy away from a strong pastel green business shirt to complement his wardrobe choices.

But it is the cockatoo socks that I have come for – and I am not disappointed! 

The photos don’t lie – they are a striking addition to the already resplendent regalia selections that evoke images of chivalrous gentlemen akin to Messrs D’arcy and Bingley from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  

Tune in to our next instalment where we look at stylish socks in an area of SCEA that will test even the bravest of souls to defy the traditional flacid all-black sock apologetically offered up by so many of us for so long.

Unleash the colours, gents!

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