Episode 1: The Referee

Policies are like rules for a game – they are not why people play or what excites the spectators, but they are important for order, fairness and keeping people safe.

Who likes a referee?

But – can we actually conduct anything meaningful without a referee? 

Hence, the importance of the men and women in black and white who officiate.

During January/February 2024, all SCEA policies (there are almost 100 policies!) have been reformatted and reclassified according to a new coding system.

young African American female referee with hand signals.  isolated on a white background.

Over the course of 2024, there will be a complete overhaul of the ‘Policy’ section of the SCEA Intranet, with the new look policies being uploaded once they have been ratified by the Chief Executive Officer and/or the SCEA Board.

For instance, the Bushfire Policy is currently being developed. 
The ‘Incursions, Excursions, Camps and Tours’ Policy is close to going out for wider consultation.

These are just a couple of the many policies that need to be constantly reviewed and maintained in line with the current legislation and frameworks that underpin our schooling contexts. 

Approximately 20 other policies are under review across Finance, Human Resources and Student Safety & Wellbeing.

In preparation for the Registration of our SCEA schools as a ‘system of schools’ later this year, staff at Swan Christian College (SCC) have been participating in policy reviews on a regular basis at their Staff Briefings each Monday.

Staff are presented with summaries of policies and procedures to give them an overview before diving into the details for themselves.

This process has now taken into consideration 14 SCEA Policies, the most recent being the ‘Snake Sighting Procedure’.

This is quite timely, given the unwelcome, slithery visitors to the SCC Administration and the SCC changerooms in recent weeks! 

It is snake season in Middle Swan!

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