What is my SCEA password? Why do I need one?

Every time you log into your SCEA device within the SCEA network, you will need to enter your user name and password.

Your password provides access to personal and sensitive data that in the hands of a hacker has value!

They could ransom or extort you directly.

They could sell your personal information to a third party.

Or they could just disrupt your world by messing with your details, sending nasty messages to you, etc.

Just like your house key, your password protects access to areas that contain things of importance and value.

Protecting your password is an effective measure that you can take to ensure your data and information remains safe.

By routinely changing your password, you can limit the time someone may have access to your digital world if your password is compromised.

Consider changing your password today if you have not done so in the last three months.

By the way, always change your password if you think something unusual may be happening with your account.

Please be aware that from January 2024 all SCEA staff will be prompted four times per year to change their password as a requirement to safeguard the SCEA ICT environment that we all work in each day.

This will align us with industry best practice.

If you have any questions regarding changing your password, please reach out to the ICT Support Team for assistance: Phone 444 or email support@scea.wa.edu.au.

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