A new position for SCEA

Today, we look at the reasons for the creation of a new position within the SCEA Head Office – the Chief Operations Officer (COO).

Many of us have celebrated the astronomical growth in enrolments since 2019 across our schools. However, the influx of students being reached by Christian education in SCEA schools has also brought with it the need to support our teaching staff who have more students in their classes, operational staff who are bearing heavier workloads, and administrators who are requiring a greater level of support.

With the implementation of a COO, the hope is for our systems to be overseen and supported by an individual with considerable experience in enabling efficiency in different team environments.

This means that our teams across Finance, Risk & Compliance, Information & Communications Technology (ICT), Human Resources and Marketing will benefit from a senior leader who will ensure that measurable improvements can be made for our schools and, ultimately, the students and families that we serve in our communities.

Finally, this new position will enable us to improve our capacity to be good stewards of our resources, which is a fundamental value in our role as Christians in our workplaces across SCEA.

SCEA has utilised this COO position in the past, and it is now viewed by the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and the SCEA Board as an integral piece in the development of systems to empower our schools into the future.

The application form for this new position will be found on ‘Working With Us’ page (www.scea.wa.edu.au/working-with-us/), and Christian professionals who are dedicated to the cause of Christian education are encouraged to apply for this position.

Stay tuned for further news around this appointment in the coming weeks.

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