News from SCEA’s Staff Committee

The SCEA Staff Committee meets each term to ensure open communication and representation around the working conditions for our staff across all of the SCEA sites.

Here are a few important announcements for staff members that will affect you moving forward:

Personal Leave entries on Employee Self Service (ESS)

There are situations where we all need to access personal leave. Under SCEA’s Enterprise Agreements, staff are entitled to 12.5 days of personal leave for each year of completed service.

Personal leave can be used for the following reasons:

  • personal ill health or injury
  • the birth, death (in addition to compassionate leave), ill health or injury of his/her immediate family member or household
  • domestic violence

To ensure that personal leave entries are correctly recorded in the SCEA ESS system, a decision has been made that the Relief Coordinator at each school will take on the role of entering the leave on ESS on behalf of the staff member as part of their role.

The staff member taking the leave will then receive an email from ESS to alert them that a leave entry has been entered, and the staff member can check that the entry is correct. If required, the staff member can discuss the leave further with their Line Manager.  If necessary, the Line Manager can make changes to the leave entry before final processing by SCEA’s Human Resources Department.  

The Line Manager can also enter the leave if the Relief Coordinator has not entered it.

Salary Increases for SCEA Staff – 1 December 2023

SCEA employees will receive a 3.0% annual salary increase across the life of the Enterprise Agreement (3% effective from 1 December 2022 and 3% effective from 1 December 2023).

SCEA has received advice from the Association of Independent Schools in Western Australia (AISWA) that the new state Agreement may not be finalised until 2024.

Based on this advice, SCEA believes we will maintain salary parity with the WA Department of Education by paying the 3% salary increase stated in the Agreements at 1 December 2023.  Parity with the Department of Education and the Catholic Education (WA) systems is always a guiding principle at SCEA.

When negotiations for the new 2025 SCEA Agreements commence in the second half of 2024, we will be able to consider any salary increases negotiated by the WA Education Department.

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