New life at SHCC – Baby chicks in the Pre-Primary class!

The semi-rural surrounds of Southern Hills Christian College (SHCC) allow for numerous outdoor activities to be undertaken by students and teachers in order to learn more about the natural world around us.

A recent project for the Pre-Primary class came to fruition this week, with seven baby chicks hatching in the classroom for students and parents to witness. Class teacher Mrs Natasia Patterson was pleased with the engagement levels of her students during this process:

“The chick-hatching experience has been a fascinating process for students to develop a curiosity for how living things change and grow. It has given students a first-hand experience of how life begins.”

Some of the students gave us their thoughts on how quickly new life develops and the many changes that have taken place in their ‘Pre-Primary Hatchery’.

“The chickens have grown a little bit and the chickens have some fur (fluff) on their legs. They have sharp claws. They have some feathers.”            

– Laylah

“They have sharp claws. She has feathers already. The chicks have tail feathers and they cheap more and sleep less. Their legs are longer.”             

– Celena

“They have a little bit of feathers. When we held them, they were flapping their wings.” 

– Shyla

“I have noticed they have grown taller. They were smaller when they hatched. They have feathers. They have tail feathers. They have sharp claws.”             

– Eleanor

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