SCEA Couple Of The Week: Louis & Maddie McWhirter!

This is a tale that any romance writer would be proud of – particularly because the role of ‘Cupid’ (i.e. the matchmaker who brought this couple together) is played by none other than Swan’s Head Of Junior School, Mr Scott Puzey!

Here we go….

In 2022, Riverview Church attendee Louis McWhirter began his tenure as a Year 4 teacher at Swan Christian College: Junior Campus. Mr Scott Puzey saw a talented educator in Louis and employed the local lad to teach in the Junior School.

Enter Maddie Smith, who was also employed at Swan Christian College: Junior Campus at the same time as an Educational Assistant (EA). Maddie was studying to be a Primary School teacher, and she was keen to work as an EA to increase her exposure to classroom learning before earning her full qualification and leading a classroom of her own.

Maddie, also a Riverview Church attendee, strikes up a friendship with Louis at this time in the staffroom before heading off to Kalamunda Christian School (KCS) for a teaching practicum for an entire school term. Once the term is completed, Maddie earns her qualification and returns to SCC to teach out the entirety of the 2022 year.

The friendship becomes a romance, just as Maddie is looking to the 2023 school year to find permanent employment. Enter Mr Stuart Chisholm, Northshore Christian Grammar School (NCGS), who is searching for a Primary teacher for his school in Alkimos. He hires Maddie, and the SCEA connection between the couple remains intact, despite the long distances between their respective educational campuses.

By Christmas, the blossoming romance has wedding bells ringing as the couple decides to tie the knot prior to the commencement of the 2023 school year.

This week they began their roles as teachers in SCEA schools, husband and wife!

Do we thank Scott ‘Cupid’ Puzey for bringing these two youngsters together?

Did Stuart ‘Matchmaker’ Chisholm have a hand in the process?

Congratulations to this ‘SCEA’ couple who have strengthened the bonds between Swan Christian College and Northshore Christian Grammar School forever!

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