Swan Christian College (SCC) undertakes major summer renovations

As the 2022 school year drew to a close for teachers across Swan Christian College (SCC), the renovations team ramped up their work across the Middle Swan campus.

The Property Services team, led by Andrew Ferguson, carried out significant construction works across the College.

In the Junior School, the air conditioning systems were upgraded throughout a number of classrooms, and major electrical infrastructure upgrades were undertaken by subcontractors.

In the Senior School, the Q-block is being “re-roofed”, and the electricians are installing LED lights, “learning walls”, and smart boards throughout.

As we all enjoyed the festivities of the Christmas and new year break, multiple tradespeople worked around the clock to ensure that the project stayed on track.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to the College Property Services team and the tradespeople who have worked tirelessly to improve our learning spaces for our students. Visitors to the school site in early January may also have seen Dr Ray Bartell (SCC’s Business Manager) and Dr Darnelle Pretorius (SCC Principal) in working clothes as they helped to clean up the site and assist the contractors installing new apparatus for the 2023 school year!

Interesting facts about the project:

  • Supply and installation of 25 air-conditioning units including the installation of Fresh Air intake units to meet Australian standards
  • 4 Major Switchboard upgrades
  • Installation of 338 Internal Lights
  • Installation of 37 External Lights
  • Installation of more than 800m of Copper Pipework
  • Installation of more than 7130m of Cabling
  • 148 Tradespeople on site throughout the project
  • More than 1680 hours of labour to date
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