SCEA Snap Of The Week: SCEA couple are the first of their kind!

Earlier this month, Mr Jordan Broun (Ellenbrook Christian College graduate, class of 2019) proposed to Miss Madi Streeton (Swan Christian College graduate, class of 2018) and the happy couple are now preparing for a 2023 wedding!

As well as now being a ‘SCEA couple’, the two soon-to-be-wed’s are now part of a special group: the first Beechboro Christian School (BCS) students to get married to one another!

In the early 2000’s, both Jordan and Madi began their schooling at BCS under the tutelage of Mrs Michelle Scott a split Year 1 and 2 class. They graduated from BCS and went to respective SCEA schools for their secondary years and are now back together!

We believe that it may be the first BCS couple to get married, but please send an email if you are a BCS pupil who has pipped them to the post without us knowing. We could be wrong, but we have it from a reliable source!

Mother of Madi and longtime SCEA staffer, Mrs Marisa Streeton, was ecstatic this week:

“Yes, this is an amazing moment for me and for my family! We will soon have a spare room in our house! It’s fantastic news!”

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