SCEA Celebration Day – the countdown begins!

With the date for the SCEA Celebration Day now locked in for Monday, 25 July 2022, we can now begin to showcase the different faces that will appear at this fellowship event for SCEA staff.

In the next SCEA News, we will provide a link to all of the ‘Equipping For Mission’ session details, including session facilitators and a short summary of each to inform your choice for the day. In addition, over the next four editions of SCEA News, we will be profiling our keynote speakers.

This week’s keynote profile is Dr Tania Watson, the Executive Minister of Riverview Church in Perth, Western Australia.  Prior to joining Riverview in her current role, Dr Watson spent ten years as the Executive Minister for Churches of Christ in WA.  In 2018, Tania received a Doctorate of Ministry from Nyack Seminary in New York, USA.  Her research work considered the relationship between trust, authority and leadership in the context of Australian culture.  She is married to Neil, and they are blessed to have adult children and a beautiful Schnoodle named Sundae.

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