Christian Education ‘Think Tank’ Discussion

Recently, a group of Christian education leaders were able to come together for a ‘Think Tank’ session, discussing policy, theology and the future of Christian education in Australia.

Dr Daniel Pampuch (Chief Executive Officer, CSA), Dr Darren Iselin (Director of Research and Innovation, CSA), Mr Dave Stevens (Executive Officer – Western Australia, CSA), Dr Craig Murison (Christian Heritage College), and Dr Brian Harris (Avenir Leadership Institute) all attended the SCEA Office on Tuesday to meet with Dr Graeme Cross (Chief Executive Officer, SCEA), Dr Thelma Perso (Chief Education Officer, SCEA) and Dr Gregg Weaver (Principal – Kalamunda Christian School).

The group were also joined by Mr Cameron Pearce (Executive Principal, Flinders Christian College, Melbourne) via Zoom as he was unable to attend in person due to Melbourne’s lockdown restrictions.

The conversations around Christian education will shape how our curriculum is delivered to students by our teachers, how Christianity can be presented in our schools and how we can ultimately live lives that serve Christ through Christian education.

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