The Renae and Belinda Show – for a short time only!

In our last edition of SCEA News, we profiled Belinda Godfrey, who was leaving SCEA after almost fifteen years of excellent service.

It was the most popular article in SCEA News that week, reflecting the vital service that Belinda has provided to SCEA employees over a long period of time.

In her closing speech, Belinda made the comment that ‘no-one ever completely leaves SCEA’.

This rings very true at the present time, as she is currently at the SCEA Office in Midland twice a week (as a consultant) training Renae Matich on the intricacies of the SCEA payroll process.

Renae will be familiar to many of our staff because of her strong presence in the SCEA Finance team since 2016. She also has a fascinating life story that was profiled here.

Renae will now be the comforting voice that SCEA employees hear when they call extension ‘404’ to chat about all payroll and HR enquiries. Please be kind to her!

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