SCEA Enrolment Number 4001 – Ethan makes history!

As SCEA enrolments tip over 4,000 for the first time in history, it seems fortuitous to profile the SCEA student that set the extraordinary milestone.

Ethan is a Year 9 student who has just started at Swan Christian College (SCC).

Ethan is not your average student by any means.  He is passionate about dancing, and Swan’s Dance Program was integral to Ethan’s decision to enrol.

Ethan volunteers at ‘DreamBuilders’ church with staff members from SCC Junior School and is looking forward to settling in at Swan:

“Everyone has been really nice, and I’m excited about my future here.”

Ethan’s younger sister, Alice, already a student at SCC, loved being a part of the Junior School so much that she convinced her brother to come to Swan.

Ethan’s Year Coordinator is Helen Poole (pictured left in the photo), and Ethan is pictured with Swan’s Ms Marie Goodchild (Community Engagement and Enrolments Officer) and Ms Jane Jayes (Enrolments Officer).

Congratulations to all of our enrolments team across SCEA for this wonderful feat!  

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