‘Professor Maths’ Visits Swan Christian College Junior Campus

Students from Year 3 and 5 recently took part in a Mathematics incursion which saw ‘Professor Maths’ challenge the students with thinking problems, competitive challenges and shape-related puzzles.

One Year 3 student, Jade, even managed to beat Professor Maths in the ‘Egg Challenge’!

Each problem required a different set of skills and allowed the students to extend themselves in different areas.  Some problems were individual and others focused on team-based approaches to problem solving.

“I needed some help from Professor Maths to make the square out of different shapes. I liked doing all the tasks that the professor brought to school,” said Logan J (Year 3).

“The shark game was fun! It was a challenge to find the right numbers to add up correctly,” said Indiya (Year 3).

“The Hexagon Game was very tricky because we would almost get them all right and then one did not fit. I loved all the challenges which helped us learn Maths,” commented Diesel (Year 3)

“Even though some things were a bit hard, we figured it out and the challenge made it fun!” said Ethan (Year 5).

Solving problems leads to a feeling of success in young students.  It was clear that Swan students had made progress in their mathematical knowledge through practical applications that were presented by Professor Maths. They also were fortunate enough to wear some funky glasses and spiffing outfits!

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