SCEA Postgraduate Study Team in national Zoom meeting!

On Monday 15 March the team of postgraduate students from across the SCEA schools (Ms. Kylie Smith – SCEA, Ms. Susannah Morcombe and Ms. Beth Balla – Swan, Mr. Daniel Rolt – Ellenbrook, Mr. Andrew Johnston – Ellenbrook, Mr. Michael Bolan – Beechboro, Mr. Kyall Mills – Southern Hills, Mr Steve Pivetta – Northshore) along with facilitators Dr Gregg Weaver (Kalamunda) and Dr Graeme Cross (SCEA) took part in an online lecture through a national ‘Zoom’ call as part of the Graduate Certificate in School Leadership and Management.

The lecture was facilitated by CSA’s Dr Darren Iselin (Director of Research & Innovation) and featured speeches from SCEA’s Chief Executive Officer Dr Graeme Cross, CSA’s Mr Mark Ryan (Executive Officer) and Dr Iselin.

The next session will be hosted from the SCEA Office on Monday March 29th.  This meeting will involve students from CSA schools across Perth (approximately 20 in total), Dr Darren Iselin, Dr Craig Murison (Christian Heritage College), Dr Daniel Pampuch (CEO – CSA) and Dr Brian Harris (Avenir Leadership Institute). Dr Graeme Cross and Dr Gregg Weaver will also be involved in this lecture.

These sessions continue to grow our teachers and administrators and it is a blessing to have people such as Dr Harris and Dr Iselin available to meet with our SCEA team next week. Please continue to pray for this group as they balance their studies with their SCEA ‘day jobs’ as they grow in their knowledge of this course and its relevance to our journey in Christian education.

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