Water Bottle of the Week: Anna Guy

If you’re fortunate enough to see our Chief Executive Officer, Dr Graeme Cross, out and about around our SCEA schools, you are sure to have seen his Executive Assistant, Ms Anna Guy.

Often found organising Graeme’s days, setting up meetings and meticulously taking care of the logistics, Anna is the epitome of class and sophistication in the SCEA Office.

Anna has had a few different roles across SCEA over the years – firstly at Mundaring Christian and now at SCEA Office. It seems that Anna was destined for Christian service.

“I grew up very involved in Youth with a Mission (YWAM) as my parents were missionaries with the organisation. This involved running training and outreach programs across the world, mostly in the Australian Pacific area (New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, Indonesian and East Timor).”

“We lived in Victoria then moved to New Zealand when I was twelve and then the Northern Territory, before I moved to Denver (Colorado) then to Darwin again.”

Anna is very well travelled (citing her time in Austria and Switzerland as being the most interesting) and saw a lot of the countryside whilst following her parents to YWAM Training Conferences around the globe.

Her time in Colorado as a 19-year-old was spent undertaking discipleship training before a return to Darwin saw her enter the world of Christian education.

Anna’s first job was with Marrara Christian College in Darwin before moving to Perth in 2005. She struck it lucky with SCEA’s own Mundaring Christian College in 2006 and has never looked back.

Her first role in Darwin prepared her well for her future life at  Mundaring, where Principal Terry Myers was all too keen to see her thrive as his assistant at the Walker Street campus.

Terry’s departure led to Rod McNeill’s entry, and the school continued to grow in numbers. Anna’s life was in the hills:

“My husband Jaydon is a former SCEA student from Midland Christian School days. My father-in-law was a former counsellor (amongst many other roles) at Swan Christian College. I’ve worked for SCEA for around 15 years so I definitely feel invested, embedded and part of the furniture – you get the idea!”

A move down the hill to the SCEA Office in Midland came in 2018 to serve as the Executive Assistant to then Chief Executive Officer Neil David, and then in 2019, the arrival of Dr Graeme Cross continued Anna’s time at the Padbury Terrace office as ‘Organiser-In-Chief’ for the SCEA leadership.

One may be led to believe that Anna is all ‘haute couture’ outfits and mid-week soirees in upper-crust suburbs, but the truth is that Anna is much more down-to-earth than many may think.

“Whenever possible I love going out on the boat with my husband – although this weekend we are doing a 7km obstacle course challenge, so we may have to give the boat a miss.”

Latte-sipping? No thanks.

Expensive red wines? Definitely not.

The great outdoors, Park Runs on Saturdays and a penchant for Op Shopping round out Anna’s recreational pursuits.

“I do love shoes, no doubt!”

So what’s it like organising [SCEA Chief Executive Officer] Graeme’s work life? Is he easy to deal with?

“The truth of the matter is Graeme is exceptionally easy to work with and I’m not just saying that because I’m in the middle of my appraisal or because he’s in the next room!”

“Graeme is very conscious and respectful of everyone he works with and values the SCEA employees. That sounds so cliché so maybe don’t put that in your article! But it is good to know I have a boss who appreciates me.”

What is the motivation behind working long hours in the SCEA Office?

“I truly love being able to support our schools. Just knowing that they are relating to families and students that are dealing with difficult situations in life and that these schools can be beacons of hope, love and grace. We get to support this work and it is so rewarding. I love knowing I’m working for God in this way.”

Do you have any guilty secrets that SCEA staff should know about?

“Don’t judge me, but I love country music!”

And one can’t help but noticed that Anna’s water bottle says, “Anna – The Real Boss.”

It had to be asked, is Anna the real CEO of SCEA and is Graeme just a puppet?

“That is an unequivocal NO …… ,“ says Anna.

What are Graeme’s thoughts on this?

“I always do what Anna instructs.”

Great answer, Graeme!

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