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New SCEA Website reflects a vision for the future

NOTE! All SCEA documentary on the old website is now available on the intranet.

This week saw the final stages of the new SCEA website being completed, with the site going ‘live’ for all to view after formally completing the certification phase in recent days.

SCEA’s Digital Marketing Specialist John Igglesden reflected on the process of updating a website that needed to showcase our schools, our culture and our history.

“The concept of the SCEA website is similar to the mantra that we work to within the SCEA Office: the focus is always on our schools and the learning experiences that our students enjoy there. The new website is based around directing prospective parents towards the SCEA school of their choice,” said John this week.

“The history of SCEA, our new vision, mission and values and the welcoming nature of our organisation also featured heavily in the design concept stage. We wanted to make a website that everyone can access, that complies with all the necessary regulations around schools and also pays tribute to those who have gone before us in order to make SCEA what it is today.”

While the website is indeed ‘live’ today, there are a number of positive additions to the website that will be added over the coming months, including new videos, updated newsletter formats and an increase in content that connects our staff with our core values of love, joy, stewardship, humility and justice.

SCEA Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Graeme Cross, is happy that the website content being unveiled is reflective of SCEA’s vision to be a thriving network of interdependent Christian schools in Australia.

“Our hope is that when people access our new SCEA website, they will find it easy to navigate and come away with a sense of knowing who we are as an organisation and what it is that we value”, said Dr. Cross this week.

A special thankyou to website company, Helium Digital, for their assistance with this project.

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