Hand Socks of the Week: Tamara Vicini

There have been a few cold nights during these winter holidays, and those of us cuddled up on the couch with a book from our local library now have a solution to keeping those fingers warn as we read – Hand Socks !

Thanks to our resident librarian from Southern Hills Christian College, Tamara Vicini, we now have no excuse not to be reading – whatever the temperature may be!

“Never leave home without a book! That’s my motto!” says Tamara from her newly-decorated library room at Southern Hills.

“I feel like my job is to bring enthusiasm and life to the children so they see reading as fun!  I want to see the smile on their face when they come into the library and discover an excellent book”

Tamara hails from rural Oakford, south of Bedfordale and was previously a veterinary nurse and a group fitness trainer.

“The fitness training gave me the confidence to speak in front of groups of people – which is very handy in dealing with school students now!”

Life is not quiet for Tamara, who has three teenage children, six cats, one dog, numerous chickens and sheep – and one husband who has put his career on hold to study Psychology!

In Mundijong, Tamara attends a church which looks at the Bible is a discussion-based forum and this allows the congregation to ask questions of the text, understand life experiences and share communion together in a collective setting.

“I enjoy working through Scripture and looking at it from different perspectives. It’s a great time of fellowship.”

Tamara is the smiling presence that every school needs in their library.  Keep an eye out for those pesky socks when you’re down at Southern Hills!

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