Sock of the Week: Marisa Streeton

Who wears socks on their hands while typing an email?

Anyone who has ever met Marisa Streeton will know that she is dedicated to the SCEA cause.  She began ‘SCEA life’ as an Education Assistant’ eleven years ago at Beechboro Christian School and she is now the Enrolments Officer and the Personal Assistant to the Principal at Ellenbrook Christian College.

In her eleven years at SCEA, Marisa has been asked to do many, many roles and she has always been happy to step in where she is needed.

“I love meeting new people!”, says Marisa.

“New staff coming to work at one of our schools, or new families coming to join our schools – I’m happy to meet anyone!”

Marisa was the PA at Beechboro Christian School, and her proudest moment was the commemoration of Principal Murray Thomas’s time at Beechboro, having led the school for more than twenty years.

“The recognition of how much he has done for Beechboro was very special for me.  The upcoming developments with the land at Beechboro are very exciting, too. Definitely an answer to prayer over a number of years.”

Marisa has seen her three girls go through Beechboro Christian School and go onto Swan Christian College.  They are all pursuing admirable goals now (Occupational Therapy, Nursing) and Marisa has worked hard to instill a sense of service in her girls.

Life in 2020 for Marisa is much clearer than it has been in the past, with enrolment procedures and marketing the focus of her days at Ellenbrook.

“Having Mike Pitman as a boss is just incredible. I love coming to work everyday.  Life is perfect.  Actually , I do work with Steven Wellbeloved. Oh well, almost perfect!”

Be sure to say hello to Marisa if you see her at a SCEA event in the future.  And let Steven know that Marisa was only joking and that he is well beloved by all of us in the SCEA family.

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