Online Enrolment Process Warming Up At Northshore for the December Break

In September, we reported on the EnrolHQ-SCEA contracts being signed.

This week, we saw more school-based meetings and preparations for the enrolment season over Christmas.

The implementation phase is now taking place at SCEA’s pilot ‘online enrolment’ school – Northshore Christian Grammar School (NCGS).

Mrs Lize Janse Van Rensburg (Application & Technology Officer – SCEA) worked with NCGS staff to demonstrate the system’s new elements, along with a number of improved features that will assist enrolment officers across SCEA schools.

“EnrolHQ offers us the most flexibility in integrating with TASS, it has more features and offers SCEA parents a great Dashboard option,” says Lize.

The trial is expected to run until the end of Term 1, 2023, when the other SCEA schools will be introduced to the technology, implementing online enrolments for prospective parents looking to enrol their children.

A sneak peak of the new interface for the online enrolment form at Northshore.

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