Final Instructions for SCEA’s Celebration Day on July 24!

As the holidays approach, keep these details handy for Celebration Day on Monday July 24.

Where will the event be held?

In the Gymnasium at Swan Christian College (381 Great Northern Highway, Middle Swan, WA, 6056).

Swan Christian College has a parking map below.

What time should I arrive?

When does the show ‘REALLY’ start?

The itinerary for the day is listed here. Early birds who arrive at 8.00am will be looked after at the Photo Booth!

Being in a seat and ready to go around the 8:30am mark should give you plenty of time to orientate yourself with your surroundings..!

Is there coffee?

Did you know that I cannot function without it?

Barista coffee will be available for purchase between 8.00 – 8.35 am and at Morning Tea.

SCC’s coffee station is called ‘How Ya Bean?’ and all orders can be made through the window outside the gymnasium.

Free self-serve tea and coffee stations will be available all day.

Lunchtime Networking

During the lunch break, staff are strongly encouraged to gather in role groups to network and build relationships with one another.

Connecting with colleagues across SCEA is highly valuable; we know this will be a highlight for many!

Do we have a charity collection for our used drink bottles on the day:

There will be a well-signed trailer to collect empty drink bottles as part of the Containers for Change program.

Where do I park at Swan?

The map below shows the designated places to park around the campus.

Click on the map to enlarge it!

Finally, what is the dress code? I heard that the Governor is attending!

Smart Casual – the weather is expected to be between 13 and 17 degrees as a maximum on the day, so perhaps wear a jacket, beanie and gloves!

The Gymnasium can get quite chilly!

How do you define ‘smart casual’ on a Professional Development day that features the Governor but also accounts for cold temperatures?

Hint: Anything that includes the wearing of an ‘oodie’ should be discouraged…!!

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