Busy Times At Northshore This Week

Northshore’s busy week actually began last weekend, when Design & Technology specialist Nathan Perrett traded his tools for a pair of ‘togs’ and took part in the Rottnest Channel Swim. Not only did he complete the twenty kilometres all by himself, but he also celebrated a personal best time of six hours and 12 minutes to take out 60th place overall from a total of more than 300 swimmers!  We know Nathan was well supported by his colleagues and families. Nathan’s mother was in particularly fine form on the day, ensuring that the support crew were well-supplied with everything required for Nathan to succeed and then take the time to recover after the race was completed.

Back at school, Mrs Sarah Patel’s Kindergarten class have been alongside ‘Mighty Morgan’ and his family as he continues to battle the odds. Morgan is a young chap with a rare debilitating disease that affects every aspect of his development but we all know he is a normal boy at heart – and a child of God. Right now he has some extra gear attached (wheelchair and hearing aids) but he has a joy that jumps and talks.

The class has sent cards and made video calls, and Mighty Morgan will be back at Northshore next week – without a wheelchair! He is keen to see his mates again and his tenacity embodies our vision. He is flourishing despite adversity.

The details of this young chap’s disease are absolutely harrowing, and his parents are amazed that a ‘mainstream school’ such as Northshore Christian Grammar School can care for young Morgan in such a big way.

Anyone who has ever met Assistant Principal Mrs Richelle Schokman will know that she excels in ‘going the extra mile’ for her students, and you can just imagine how young Morgan will be feeling on Monday morning when he comes back to Northshore.  

College Principal Mr Stuart Chisholm said this week ‘Everyone in SCEA does what they do because of kids like Morgan and his family. We want every one of our families to know love. We pray that through what we do that they will get a small taste of Jesus and want to know more about Him.’

Richelle Schokman visits Morgan in hospital.

On a lighter note, the recent rash of close contacts at Northshore had a large number of teaching staff isolating and Mr Chisholm scratching his head for replacement sports teachers, knowing that COVID outbreaks were happening all over town.

After the threat of playing physical sports in HAZMAT suits to provide total protection for an old marketer who used to bounce a ball around the court, the Northshore senior students enjoyed some basketball drills from the 1980’s and ran rings around a middle-aged chap wearing a mask. If you do not recognise him, it is Mr Giles Creelman (Head of Marketing and Community) from the SCEA Office.  Yes, the school was that desperate for help!  Fortunately, he still has his Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA) membership up-to-date.

Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks regarding young Morgan and his return to school. It is amazing to see our staff working together in schools to demonstrate love, humility and care for our families.

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