SCEA Schools Celebrate Registration Success for 2021

Many SCEA staff would be aware of the registration processes being carried out across SCEA schools this year. Some staff provided documentation, some were called into planning meetings with Dr Thelma Perso (Chief Education Officer, SCEA) and others would just have seen the panel coming around on their tours of the school facilities.

Dr Perso defined the process this week for those of us who may be unfamiliar with the purpose of school registration:

“School Registration is a process which requires a school to meet the standards of the non-Government Schools Office of the Department of Education, which enable schools to offer an education program to the public.  The standards address all aspects of running a school including teaching and learning, premises and facilities, and specifically, child safety and wellbeing.”

Recent correspondence from the Director General of the Department of Education informed SCEA that all schools that were reviewed this year were successfully renewed until the end of 2024. The length of the registration period has been set to align with the intention that in future, all SCEA schools will be registered as a system in a single year.

The schools reviewed this year included:

  • Beechboro Christian School
  • Ellenbrook Christian
  • Northshore Christian Grammar School
  • Southern Hills Christian College

This is a credit to Dr Perso who has worked hard with SCEA Principals and their teams to ensure that this process runs smoothly and effectively.

Dr Perso reflected on the long process of registration this week, after receiving the paperwork from the Department of Education :

All the credit must go to our school leadership teams and staff who work very hard to meet these standards and more, every day.  The process of registration requires them to provide evidence that they meet the standards.  Compiling this evidence is an onerous process.  All schools rose to this challenge and I’m very proud of them.”

Well done to all SCEA staff who helped to make this excellent result a reality. 

Dr Thelma Perso at work in one of the many sessions she has run this year to inspire staff and work through policies and procedures for SCEA schools.

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