SCEA Pioneers come together today!

A number of SCEA staff have sent positive emails to us regarding the SCEA Pioneer profile stories that have been published to commemorate ’40 Years of SCEA’ and today, Friday 3 December 2021, we bring together the SCEA Pioneers who were present at that first meeting on 17 August 1981.

The original meeting featured close to 50 people in attendance, and the SCEA phones and emails have been working overtime during the past two months to track down these SCEA Pioneers and bring them all together.

Some have become missionaries in the Great Sandy Desert in the north of Western Australia, some have managed families full of children and subsequent grandchildren and some have faithfully served their home churches close to Midland for all of these years since that inaugural meeting.

The reunion was to be held in the Midland Town Hall (the site of the first meeting), but due to renovations being carried out by the City of Swan, the function will be held next door at the Old Midland Courthouse. Representatives from SCEA and the SCEA Board will be present to meet with the SCEA Pioneers.

Stay tuned for a video (to be released early next year) that tracks some of the stories of the SCEA Pioneers and the SCEA schools that have been built over the past forty years.

The Old Midland Courthouse where the SCEA Pioneers will meet together later today.

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