SCEA Snap of the Week – Northshore’s Bee welcomes students

This week’s ‘SCEA Snap’ is from Northshore Christian Grammar School (NCGS) and celebrates their new ‘Bee’ mascot welcoming students to school last week (before the mask restrictions!)

Principal Mr Stuart Chisholm outlined the reason for choosing the bee as the mascot for NCGS back in 2017 when the school began:

“Bees live in colonies – they never live alone. They work together, just like we are all meant to. We are meant to go through life with others and learn to work together, like industrious bees do,” says Mr Chisholm.

“Bees also create honey from all of their work. The fruit of our work is also sweet, and there are numerous references in the Bible to the beauty of honey and the life-giving properties it holds. I personally love to eat honey all the time.”

“Finally, they work very hard. Their latin name is Anthophila, and they really get stuck into every job they are given. That’s the Northshore spirit that we are all about here in Shorehaven.”

Well done to Mrs Richelle Schokman, NCGS’s Head of Primary, for assisting the bee in welcoming students. 

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