Constable Care video features Swan student actors

Racism and racial profiling form the basis of the new short film featuring Constable Care (WA Police’s community-teaching device) and a number of Swan Christian College (SCC) students who were able to act in the new feature film recently.

‘No Offence’ depicts real-life situations of intentional and unintentional racism and is used as a major part of a film-based incursion on racism and racial profiling.

‘No Offence’ intentionally leaves the situations depicted in the film unresolved to encourage discussion among students. As part of the incursion, the students were asked to come up with suggestions of how these situations could have been resolved or find alternative ways in which the people in the film could have acted.

Constable Care’s ‘Youth Choices’ team uses theatre in education techniques to engage the students in the topic, encouraging students to act out these possible solutions and see what they would feel like. In some cases, students were surprised by the result.

Well done to the Swan students who contributed so well to the discussion and courageously jumped onto the stage to act out their suggestions with the actors from Constable Care.

Congratulations to the students who starred as extras in the film which will be used as a free educational resource across secondary schools in WA.

You can watch the trailer of ‘No Offence’ here:

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