Beechboro Year 2 Students are absolutely ‘Matific’ at winning Mathematics competitions!

Online mathematics program ‘Matific’ (which aims to use integrated concepts to teach mathematics to primary students) held a national Olympiad across two days in June 2021. The competition involved a large number of schools from Australia and New Zealand, with SCEA’s own Beechboro Christian School (BCS) winning first place in Australia!

BCS ranked third overall when included with our Tasman neighbours.

A special mention goes to BCS Year 2.2 who were the overall Year 2 winners across both countries.

Students also shone in the individual competition, with a number of BCS students placing in the top 10 in their respective year groups.

The overall leaderboard shows excellent results for Beechboro:

  • Year 1.1 – 3rd
  • Year 1.2 – 7th
  • Year 2.1 – 9th
  • Year 2.2 – 1st (WINNERS)
  • Year 3.1 – 4th
  • Year 6 – 5th

Congratulations to all the students and staff for their hard work and outstanding achievements!

To view the complete set of results, please click here

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