Northshore save native trees as freeway extension continues

The State Government is extending the freeway north past Hester Avenue, and this has resulted in land being cleared for the roadway. The construction crew stopped short of removing a clump of native grass trees and put the call into Northshore Christian Grammar School (NCGS), who arranged for the grass trees to be relocated to their entrance where they now take pride of place for all to see.

“We are passionate about maintaining the natural surroundings,” said Northshore’s Ms Bernadette Buckley this week.

The six grass trees have been placed around the school, with the theme of ‘restoration’ clear in Principal Mr Stuart Chisholm’s mind.

“How could we not save these trees?” said Mr Chisholm, hugging the spiny columns of the nearest grass tree, “I like to use the correct latin term for the species – that is xanthorrhoea australis, of course!”

Grass trees are made for the Australian climate, and can live for up to 450 years. 

See below for the update map of the freeway extension and the transplanted trees that Mr Chisholm has now relocated.

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