Dr Cross travelling to the UK to see Christian schools and take a holiday

Dr Graeme Cross (Chief Executive Officer—SCEA) will travel to the United Kingdom (UK) next week. 

Just in case you are unaware, there is a provision for Executive Study Leave as part of the CEO role – sometimes known as sabbatical leave in other education systems.  

During Dr Cross’s absence, Dr Gregg Weaver will be Acting CEO between the 5th June and the end of Term 2.

Mr Nick Wood will serve in the role for the 3 weeks over the holiday period.

Dr Cross will be visiting some of the large Christian schooling systems in the UK, including:

•  Aquinas Multi-Academy Trust (https://www.aquinastrust.org/)
•  Church of England Schools National Office (https://www.churchofengland.org/about/education-and-schools)
•  Emmaus Schools Foundation (https://www.emmaus-school.org.uk/)
•  Trinity School – Sevenoaks (https://www.trinitysevenoaks.org.uk/)

“My goal is to visit Christian schools/systems that are making a significant difference in their communities in the UK, with a particular focus on those that are larger than SCEA,” said Dr Cross this week.

“I look forward to learning a great deal from these visits and sharing what I have learned with you when I return to SCEA at the beginning of Term 3.”

In the coming edition of SCEA News, Dr Cross will send us a video from the United Kingdom when he visits one of these school systems.

Following these visits, Dr Cross will be taking a holiday with his wife (who is currently on Long Service Leave), and he will be back at work for the Christian Schools Australia (CSA) Mid-Year Conference on 15 July 2024.

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