The future of ICT in SCEA : The new ‘Apps’ Team

This week, we begin our three-part series, which outlines the positive changes that are now taking place to improve ICT in SCEA schools. 

As well as improving the infrastructure (your computer, your printer, your wireless network, etc.), there are bigger plans ahead for all of us.

What does this mean for me?

• A pedagogical vision for our ICT formulated by a multi-faceted, SCEA-wide team.
• Cybersecurity protection now and into the future, and 
• New staff to assist you with teaching and operations within your school and the SCEA Head Office.

This week, we look at the new ‘Apps’ Team made up of three members:

•  Ms Lize-Marie Janse Van Rensberg (Applications Team Leader)
•  Mr Julian Mould (Applications Specialist)
•  Mr Long Nguyen (Applications Specialist)

Staff structure for the new Enterprise Applications team

What is an app?

Google defines an app as “a self-contained software package that allows users to perform specific tasks on a mobile or desktop device.”

That means this software is specialised and aims to help us achieve something.

By creating an Apps Team with dedicated professionals, the investment is being made to ensure that staff and students get the support they need to teach and operate within our SCEA environment.

Applications Team Leader – Ms Lize-Mari Janse van Rensberg

“My love for working with SCEA staff and sharing and enhancing knowledge across different applications drew me to this team.”

“Over the last few years, I’ve gained experience in overseeing the deployment and maintenance of various applications, including TASS and EnrolHQ,” said Lize-Mari this week.

“My passion is to search for applications and processes to streamline operations and enhance data accuracy. I love helping others and seeing the excitement on colleagues’ faces when they learn new, improved ways of performing tasks. The sense of accomplishment I get from successfully completing projects, and meaningful change within SCEA is very fulfilling.”

Applications Specialist –  Mr Long Nguyen

“Joining the expanding Enterprise Applications Team seemed like a natural fit for me to continue making meaningful contributions at SCEA.  I view this new opportunity as a chance to tackle a different challenge.”

“Processes, problem-solving, and projects are aspects of my work that excite me. Additionally, I find joy in finding solutions and assisting others to use technology to their benefit.”

Applications Specialist –  Mr Julian Mould

“I am a new joiner to SCEA and was selected by SCEA as the LMS Application and Technology Officer. I’m excited to be a part of an organisation with a wonderful holistic outlook and, of course, which serves our community so well by educating children in seven schools! I thought that this was truly fantastic.”

“The key part of the role is for me to be at the centre of the rollout of a new Learning Management System called Canvas, which will serve all seven schools across SCEA. Rolling out Learning Management Systems has been a key part of my work for the last ten years, so, as an educational technologist, it meets my passion for installing key software that helps to educate people of all ages.

“In my recent roles, I have often worked independently from home. I was working in overarching online team structures – however, I worked in a self-directed way most of the time. Joining SCEA was my chance to work in and around real people in an office daily for the first time since 2020!”

This team of three experts will be working hard to ensure that our staff understand their work, equip our workforce for what they are trying to achieve and provide the personnel to make this happen!

From left: Mr Long Nguyen, Mr Julian Mould and Ms Lize-Mari Janse van Rensburg
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