Episode 2: The Planner

Would you ever take a long trip without planning your route?

Of course not!

In the same way, this week we look at the planning that takes place when we consider the formulation of policy documents.

In order to see any great enterprise grow and flourish, planning is essential. The best planners set and rely on sound policy and procedures.

The book of Nehemiah serves as a wonderful example.

The rebuilding of the city walls and a coherent society was an enormous undertaking.

The key to its success was the unwritten policies that were well understood.

  • Sound governance,
  • job descriptions and assignments (HR),
  • and construction (WHS & Property),
  • teaching the people (Education) and
  • social welfare (Finance & Wellbeing);

Everything was covered.

Our enterprise is also a grand one: building character, competency, and community through the delivery of quality Christian education, all for the glory of God.

And that demands robust and adaptive policy which works for good outcomes.

We are making progress.

  • The SCEA Wellbeing and Chaplaincy Network has started the work of developing a common Student Wellbeing Framework.
  • The SCEA Learning Support Network has started reviewing the Gifted and Talented Policy as a platform for sound and innovative ways of fully engaging and meeting the needs of our high-ability students. 
  • SCEA Policies are being finalised for submission to the Non-Government Schools Regulators as part of our first-ever Registration as a group of schools.
  • There are a number of Human Resource policies that have been reviewed and are in the consultative phase.
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