Northshore Trio Swims For ‘Pink Elephants’ Charity 

The last time we reported on Northshore Design & Technology teacher Nathan Perrett, he was setting long-distance swimming records during the COVID pandemic and sending half the staff home as ‘close contacts’ after a Rottnest Channel Swim. Enter Principal Mr Stuart Chisholm…

More than 6,000 swimmers descended on Busselton Jetty last weekend for the 1.5 kilometres Jetty Swim, with Northshore sending a spritely team led by their barrel-chested Principal, Mr Stuart Chisholm, who had been in training for more than six weeks in preparation for the big swim.

“My old footy coach used to say that training was all in the mind,” said Mr Chisholm before plunging into the cool blue ocean last weekend.

“I’ve been thinking about training for six weeks now – so I guess that qualifies as training. Doesn’t it?”

Jokes aside, Stuart and the Primary Curriculum Coordinator, Ms Sascha Dallo swam the mile-long circuit while Nathan went the ‘extra mile’ and completed 3.6 kilometres!

Here’s the reason why…

Nathan and his wife Bex are passionate advocates for the charity ‘Pink Elephants, ’ which aims to increase awareness about early pregnancy loss.

After finishing the long swim, Mr Chisholm spoke highly of Nathan and the cause of Pink Elephants.

‘Nathan is a great inspiration to us all. It didn’t take long for a few of us to get involved and start training,’ he said.

‘We actually surprised ourselves with how well we went for the Jetty Swim. Nathan finished 2nd in his division, Sascha won her category, and this old boy got a respectable 5th in his category [the Old Croc category! – Editor]. Not bad, considering that there were 6,000 people competing!”

If you wish to support Nathan, you can donate to Pink Elephants through this Facebook link.

Left to Right: Mr Nathan Perrett, Mr Stuart Chisholm and Ms Sascha Dallo.
Left to Right: Mr Nathan Perrett, Mr Gregg Swanby (NCGS Chaplain), Mr Stuart Chisholm, Ms Sascha Dallo, Mrs Tarryn Swanby (NCGS Kindergarten teacher) and Mrs Angel Hanna (Dean of Curriculum – Secondary & Mathematics teacher)
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