Northshore hits the news – for all the right reasons!

Devoted readers of SCEA News will know that Northshore Christian Grammar School (NCGS) is enrolling new students and families every day. Now the national news has them on the podium as one of the fastest growing schools in the country!

Principal Mr Stuart Chisholm cannot believe the news!

“I never believe the news,” said Mr Chisholm this week, “Except when they say good things about me.”

Mr Chisholm is in luck, with a article this week outlining the phenomenal growth in each Australian state, including one of WA’s stellar northern metropolitan schools – Northshore!

Since opening in January 2017 with approximately 50 students, Northshore’s numbers are now at 700 students after less than seven years of operation!

A growth rate of 452% in the last five years has Mr Chisholm grinning from ear to ear, with much of the praise this week going to his dedicated staff and long-term families who have endured pandemic conditions and building delays to make this outrageous statistic a reality for the school on Scotthorn Avenue in Alkimos.

“All credit to Mrs Richelle Schokman [Head of Primary-NCGS] who has been here from the start with me. Also to Ms Angel Hanna [Dean of Curriculum-NCGS] and Derek Speldewinde [Dean of Pastoral Care-NCGS] who continue to grow in stature and experience each year as we expand our numbers and our infrastructure.”

“All of our staff are missional, we seek to show God’s love in our classrooms, in our conversations and in our relationships with parents and each other.

“The collaboration we enjoy with local churches is immense and even community groups such as the surf club and the local authorities reinforce the fact that we are here to serve – and that seems to be resonating with the families in Shorehaven, in Eglinton, Butler, even up to Yanchep and beyond.”

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