Northshore’s Inaugural Yr 12 Graduation caps perfect end to Term 3 

When Northshore Christian Grammar School (NCGS) opened its doors in 2017 to 52 students, no one would have expected the school to grow to their 2023 enrolment number of 673 students, and be saying farewell to their first crop of Year 12 graduates today!

Principal Mr Stuart Chisholm has been at NCGS since Day 1 and this week’s graduation ceremony saw the Yr 12 cohort distinguished for their trailblazing spirit, their ability to battle through adversity and their pioneering efforts to achieve the inaugural graduation from NCGS.

“This is a very special moment for the school, for the work that has been put in by so many staff, parents and community members,” said Mr Chisholm this week.

“It’s also special for me on a very personal level, as my son is one of the graduates today.”

Ms Tracey Roberts MP (Federal Labor member) wished the graduates well. When they began secondary school, Mrs Roberts was the Mayor of the City of Wanneroo. She has been tireless in her support for Mr Chisholm and the team on Scotthorn Avenue, Alkimos.

The school continues to grow at a rapid rate, with more than 700 students planning to fill the existing buildings in 2024.

Anyone would think that such a satisfying end to the term would have Mr Chisholm relaxing today, content and resting on his laurels.

“Can I mention that I would really like a school oval at some point? I also want it noted that we are keen to get a helicopter and a hovercraft in the near future..”

The photos below demonstrate the pride that NCGS place on their graduating class of 2023.

Mr Stuart Chisholm on Day 1, 2017.

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