ICT Strategy Planning Session for SCEA representatives paves the way for a joint future across our schools

The opportunity for SCEA schools to work more closely together with regards to their ICT system-wide collaboration took place on Thursday, 8 June 2023 at the SCEA Head Office, with Dr Graeme Cross (Chief Executive Officer – SCEA) facilitating a discussion on the how ICT can be best utilised moving forward to enable enhanced learning for our students and families.

With assistance from Mr Wayne Fewster (Head of ICT – SCEA) and Mr Rowan Joubert (Chief Financial Officer – SCEA), the aim of the half-day session was to draw upon the recommendations of the RTG Report (commissioned in 2022 and distributed to the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) earlier this year) and find system-wide solutions for our schools moving forward.

Over the past 18 months, research has been undertaken with other Christian schooling groups, including St Philip’s Christian Schools (SPCC) group in Newcastle, Christian Education Ministries (CEM) and Christian Community Ministries (CCM) in order to ascertain methods of best practice with Christian schooling across our Australia.

Dr Graeme Cross made it clear to the gathered group that a ‘one size fits all’ solution may not be possible in every scenario, but that our shared goals should assist in creating group solutions:

“We are aiming for agreement on all things in the ICT space where possible, knowing that the needs of our respective communities can be different across the SCEA landscape.”

The discussions focused on finding agreements on an ICT ‘ecosystem’ for the future of SCEA, and then taking the first steps on the journey towards recommendations to be taken to the SLT and, ultimately the SCEA Board in the future.

Each SCEA school was requested to send at least one member of staff who has a passion for integrating ICT into the curriculum and who could advocate for their school as an educational specialist with knowledge of teaching and learning. The SCEA staff present were:

  • Mr Mike Bolan (Beechboro Christian School)
  • Mr Matt Dufty (Ellenbrook Christian College)
  • Mrs Coralie Nancarrow (Kalamunda Christian School)
  • Ms Jill Stockill (Northshore Christian Grammar School)
  • Mr Gareth Barnard (Mundaring Christian College)
  • Mr Michael Chan (Mundaring Christian College)
  • Mr Tim Oates (Mundaring Christian College)
  • Mr Andrew Twine (remotely, representing Swan Christian College), and
  • Mr Paul Beacham (Southern Hills Christian College)
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