Celebrating Our Departing Board Members: Mrs Shelley Forbes

This week, we take the opportunity to profile Mrs Shelley Forbes who concluded her time on the SCEA Board at the end of 2022, and will be formally acknowledged for her service at this year’s Annual General Meeting on 29 June 2023.  Mrs Forbes was originally co-opted onto the SCEA Board in December of 2017 and served with distinction for more than five years.

Mrs Forbes is the Network Principal for the Alta-1 group of schools in Perth, managing 23 sites across the Perth metropolitan area.

During her time on the Board, Shelley was an active contributor to the Education Sub-Committee and all-round encourager to every SCEA staff member she interacted with.

This week, we asked Mrs Forbes to reflect on her time on the SCEA Board.

1.What did you enjoy most about being a SCEA Board Director?

“I’ve been a SCEA parent, a teacher and an educational leader within SCEA, but the most enjoyable part of this role was the ability to give back to SCEA at this time.”

“It’s been exciting to be a part of the improvements that are taking place in SCEA, as we wrestle with the complexities of the governance of our schools. It’s enjoyable to see the fruits of the hard work being undertaken in our schools, the impact that SCEA is having in our communities and the transforming power that Christian education can have in the lives of families and young people.”

2. What have you learnt during your time as a SCEA Director?

“The importance of good governance in enabling good schools to thrive!”

“As well as this, the recognition of the differences between operations and governance. As a SCEA employee, I was involved in the operational side of schools. On the Board, I saw the governance side of the seven SCEA schools working together.”

“I didn’t necessarily join the SCEA Board to learn new skills, but I have certainly experienced a lot in my five years on the SCEA Board, which has positively impacted my professional growth. I am very grateful for that.”

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